JUDr. Petr Hocek

The Law Office, Prague

Looking for professional legal services?

We offer legal services in all fields of law, focusing namely on the Commercial, Civil and Labour law, both in the form of legal advice and consultation, as well as drafting of contracts or agreements and legal submissions (actions). We also represent our clients in court proceedings or against administrative authorities.


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The Law Office Dr. Petr Hocek offers in particular the following services:

  • Legal consultancy in the preparation and drafting of contracts or agreements in the sphere of civil, commercial and labour law
  • Implementation of legal audits, analyses and expert opinions in matters of commercial law with an emphasis on matters of status of corporate bodies/companies and self-governing territorial units
  • In the field of public procurement
  • In the domain of civil law – properties and real estate register
  • Consultancy in the sphere of administrative law, especially focusing on the forestry

What can we help you with?

Commercial Law

  • The complete issue of commercial contracts
  • Creation and modification of corporate bodies/companies and cooperatives
  • Representation of partners/board members and shareholders at general meetings
  • Management and recovery of claims
  • Financial law (law of exchange)
  • Unfair competition

Labour Law

  • The complete issue of staff contracts
  • Any issues of the rights and obligations of employees and employers

Civil Law

  • Real property and real estate register
  • Indemnity/compensations of a damage
  • The complete issues of contracts, etc.

About us

JUDr. Petr Hocek is a graduate of the Law Faculty of Charles University in Prague.

Our Law Office was founded in 1996 specializing in commercial law and subsequently extended its activities to provide also the services in the field of civil and administrative law. In 2002, the Office was relocated from Prague 3 at the current address in Prague 1.

Our clients are both domestic and foreign legal persons/entities as well as government/public authorities and business and nonentrepreneurial individuals.

In the provision of legal services our Office cooperates with domestic and foreign law offices.